Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hand Painted and Sealed to perfection!

Our Sazzy hooks are hand painted and sealed (so they are also waterproof) so you can have ANY design you choose!!  Please allow us to create the perfect Sazzy Hook for you!  I am working on more designs everyday, so if you don't find anything you like, please email us!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome to Sazzy Hook!

Sazzy Hook... the story of how it began!

I hate public restrooms... hate them, I'm almost fearful of them! Most of the time they are gross, dirty, and smelly!  While out shopping a few weeks ago I went into a stall, that didn't have any hooks.  Really?!?!  I've read this article :: ABC News Report on Germs on the bottom of purses  I know what could possibly end up on the bottom of my Coach!  No thank you!!  So... the Sazzy Hook was born!! 

They can be painted any color you would like, customized with your name, rhinestones, painted... the possibilities are endless!  And, the best part is.. they are small enough to stick in the side pocket of your purse (that's where I keep mine, so I will Always know where it is!!)  NEVER again will my purse have to sit somewhere unsafe!!

Here are some fun facts about Sazzy Hook!

Sazzy Hook works on any surface! I have even put it underneath a table, so that my purse is right at my legs in resturaunts!

Sazzy Hook holds up to 15 lbs.. without any problems!  My purse is heavy, and I have never had a problem with it!!

Sazzy Hook is perfect for Diaper Bags Too!

Winter is coming... who wants to wear their jacket while taking care of business in the ladies room?  Or Men's room for that matter?  Sazzy Hook fits perfect in pockets!!

Simply Stick it on the surface you choose, latch, and hang!  When you are done... just unlatch!  Simple, Easy, Affordable!!  :)  Only $10.00 shipped!!